Rhythm & Respiration

Rhythm & Respiration
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rhythm & Respiration

I love this picture--the 12 month experience of a tree in a snapshot. Sometimes I think that it would help us understand the natural seasons of life a bit better if we could pull back and see the big picture now and again. Maybe then we could learn to live in the eternal moment, appreciating the nuances of each season.

I am calling this blog Rhythm & Respiration because I like the wordplay between the biological/nursing meaning of rhythm and respiration and the spiritual understanding of these words. I'm wanting to use this blog to invite a thoughtful integration of faith and nursing, as well as simple spiritual inspiration. Yep, 'inspiration,' there's another word common to nursing and spirituality!

Rhythm: There is a rhythm to the academic year, the natural year, the life span and body, such as circadian rhythms, hormone and cardiac cycles, as well as the Church year from Advent to Pentecost. It is easy to become disconnected to these rhythms when stressed, unless we are continually called, body, mind and spirit, to re-enter these refreshing rhythms.

Respiration: ‘Respiration’ and ‘inspiration’ are intrinsically connected. Assessing breathing is not only the first order of triage and necessary for all creatures (even trees and cells must undergo respiration), but ‘Breath of God’ is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit, vital for spiritual health in the body of Christ.

Rhythm: the Church year

I'm hoping that this blog becomes for me a spiritual discipline of sorts. A devotional journal that helps focus me on the present moment, honoring the natural rhythms of the life I've been given and breathing through and into the moment with Creation and community. I invite you to join me on my journey, finding joy in the rhythm of your world and joining in the breathing in and out of your community.

Blessings on the journey!

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