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Monday, December 24, 2018

Winter wisdom

      Winter wisdom      

Stars shine brighter on the coldest nights.
As if the harsh wind swollen with ice-shards, sharpens light,
Carving edges and angles until starshine gleams diamond tough.

Hard times rub raw, wearing down fleshy growths.
Daily irritants temper soft living and hone the heart,
Hammering essential character-curves that rise and dip, a roadmap of truth, receiving and reflecting Presence;
Non-essentials chipping away and flowing like sand through the artist’s fingers.
We run from pain, from any semblance of suffering, afraid of the brand it will burn
On our inner selves; we know we will be made different by one deep look at its formidable face.

Perhaps, instead, suffering is a birth of authenticity.
A laser-like burning of dross by a clean, cold scalpel.
Perhaps suffering is a Michelangelo; an eternal eye finding the
Work of art buried within our marble skin, freeing the frank and fearless soul to
Stand and deliver Joy, Love, Presence.

Like three candles bright, the Nativity in my Christmas snow globe houses
Mary, Joseph, and the Child.
Each small statue seems eternally surprised by finding itself straw-deep in a cold stable, eye-fodder for a donkey, a cud-chewing cow, and ruminating sheep.
Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus unified by space and time, each life trajectory merging into utter stillness
(Still, not static; recall that fast-moving spheres appear motionless to our eyes)
The Magnificat yes:
Yes, glory and time joining;
Yes, body and spirit merging;
A still-life surface hiding the workings of proton pathways, elemental orbits, Spirit breath.
Wild joy birthed in a moment: this moment; this eternal movement.

Only in this present moment is joy lived, breathed, gifted.
The past brings only a reflective glow of it; the future only a hope of it;
Joy springs forth in this moment, this breath, this eternal Presence of body, soul, spirit aligned in eternal motion.
To live in each moment—sorrow or not, suffering or not—soul-eyes wide and alert, is riding the eternal current:
Fathomless Presence in a star gleam;
Boundless Love in a Baby;
Unfettered Joy.

Merry Christmas!