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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Bells

  Christmas Bells

A bell once rung, can never be ‘un-rung.’

A sudden river, sound forges a path through air and clay

Shifts sand, shrubs and sleepers,

Altering terrain and dreams with dispassionate urgency.

A deep, vibrating echo of a bell can still be felt at Christmas,

No matter the hectic mash-up in my mind.

Always, there is one small corner in the temple curtain turned up,

One small glimpse of one small Child.

One small curve of cloth where I can duck and enter

The gateway of my temple-heart,

Pass through the clumsy re-stitched drape to enter

The Holy of Holies.

He lies within the Covenant Ark,

Cunningly concealed by straw.

A bell once rung, can never be ‘un-rung.’

Can you hear the star sphere singing a course to Bethlehem?

Can you feel the vibration of wings and wings and wings of angels?

Can you sense beneath your feet the earth rebounding from hooves and shepherds’ crooks?

A celestial deluge through the desert;

The clarion tone of Incarnation,

Cunningly concealed in a Baby’s small wail.

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