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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thoughts triggered by the seemingly unending snow, a winter filled to overflowing ... and my missal readings this morning on the feeding of the multitude ... as well as my work with HeartMath ... 💗


Our world scrabbles through abundance to find a scrap
Buried by the wealth at our feet.
We hold a singular gaze for the thing that is scarce,
Yet long for abundance.

I sit surrounded by good feeling, good friends, a wealth of well-wishers and solid support;
Yet, am fascinated by the trinket of tin echoes,
 of want thinly sounding through such wealth.
The uniqueness of neediness,
The peculiarity of the shadow of a problem thrown against a wall awash with light,
Catches our vision.
In that moment we can choose to see the hungry hordes that were,
Or the baskets of loaves and fishes lovingly split, shared, and carefully collected leftovers.
Abundance is all-encompassing;
We walk through it with waders, hip high;
seemingly unaware of blessings rained down,
sunned through,
wind blown riches riding our lungs,
filling hearts and minds with curious, unending compassion.

It is our heart that flows with abundance;
Full to the brim with possibility,
Beating with a wealth of intent.
Beneath our ribs rides a river of rhythm

touched by the Eternal.

One third of the way through the snow storm ... while we were still enamoured by the 'pretty' snow ...

My little garden donkey is almost up to his ears and the storm was only a few hours in ...

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