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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sacrament - Part one

I have been reflecting on the Last Supper, and what 'do this in memory of me' means to those within traditions of Christianity that have Sacramental tradition and those that do not. I am not seeking to drag up arguments about transubstantiation, although these views drive the way we practice our faith and how we 'do this in memory of me.' What I am seeking to do in these two blogs is simply to offer my heart's reflection during the past week. 


Body and Blood

Body and blood.
They speak of life rough-hewn, raw.
An old West etching of caskets:
side by side by side, eyes penny-ed shut.
There is no room to duck these silent images of black and white death.

Body and blood.
A strange legacy to leave these small soldiers of a new world order
organically grown from the stillness of star and stable.
Eternity sliding beams of sterile light through golden straw?
No, instead birth is chosen.
Blood and water mix,
there is a wrestling of flesh and spirit,
lungs stretch, aching to learn the lesson of air and earth-life,
there is the sting of night, the shock of wet,
and the omnipresent scent of sorrow.

Perhaps that is why the kindness of bread and wine is what he gave
to this raggle taggle group of guardians. See them
reeling at the thought of treachery amongst them.
Side bars of conversation cease,
now they are mouthing, tasting,  slumped in puzzled wonder
at this solemn elevation of bread and wine.
They do not feel the roll and pitch underfoot;
like the Sea of Galilee, their world rocks, quakes, boils.
Body and blood they are to see prolonged.
No awe-full act of birth awaits them,
instead, a slow separation of flesh and spirit.

But, that day, he gave them bread and wine.
Staff of life and heartening cheer—Remember Me:
from the fields of parables they traveled, imbibed Him, embedded that living Word,
bruising grapes under their sandals,
the crush of grain between the Master’s hands,
they walked and talked and tasted.

Bread and wine. An echo through ages,
eons of understanding that this is essential essence of earth-living.
Now, eternity-infused;
there is an awe of things at once so simple (essence) and profound (eternal).

In Memory of Me.
This kingdom of bread and wine;
eternity-infused, transformed,
transforming body and blood.


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