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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sacrament - Part two

I have been reflecting on the Last Supper, and what 'do this in memory of me' means to those within traditions of Christianity that have Sacramental tradition and those that do not. I am not seeking to drag up arguments about transubstantiation, although these views drive the way we practice our faith and how we 'do this in memory of me.' What I am seeking to do in these two blogs is simply to offer my heart's reflection during the past week. 


Packaged jesus

Somehow in the craziness of our drive-through,
instant potatoes, texting world,
we have succumbed to the packaged jesus.
There he is: minimalist, tidy, sterile elements
separated by non-permeable membranes.
Fortune cookie for a Christian economy;
treasure to be discovered a century from now.
Can you see them? Bright shiny archeology students
 decoding the message in jetted ink within the faded tiny circle of grain:
This is my body which is broken for you,
Take, eat: do this in remembrance of me.
In our world, no one is troubled this morning—
No rushing of buying or baking of loaves,
No wine to uncork, pour out to the masses,
No hand to heaven blessing of elements
No eye-to-eye lock and the words, ‘… for YOU,’ host pressed firmly on the palm.

Yet, somewhere, with head-coverings (hard hats or hair nets),
a factory of workers, seven days a week, file in to take their places beside rows of machinery:
 cooking, cutting, stamping, printing, wrapping, shipping, marketing …

Somewhere there stands a row of white coats doing quality control on the packaged jesus’ riding past on the conveyer belt before them.
For this is what we pay for, what we value:
convenience, cost-effectiveness, sterility, and invisibility of effort.

Today, there are no lines of sorry sheep stretching down our aisle,
seeking what-they-do-not-know.
No Mystery, this packaged jesus,
except, perhaps,
where they hid the list of ingredients,
and the expiry date.

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